Skycoin payments

Skycoin payments are also enabled through our webshop but since Coinbase Commerce doesn't allow SKY payments this procedure requires some manual actions for your order to be confirmed.

To pay for your order in Sky you must perform the following steps:

Step 1: Add the items you wish to order into your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout.

Step 2: Take a snapshot or screenshot of your order details. Your ordered items, order cost and shipping cost must be clearly visible. Save this screenshot to your desktop and remember your order cost (including shipping) because you will need it in step 3.

Step 3: Go to and fill in the total order cost (including shipping cost). Click the 'Convert' button and take a screenshot of the conversion amount.

Step 4: Email the two screenshots (checkout screenshot and currencio screenshot) to 

Step 5: Finally, transfer the right amount of SKY to our dedicated Skycoin Shop wallet address GDJ8pfyw4EJqFso4reEoDTFb7sdyQZDgrT.

Step 6: Once the transfer is sent through, our team will manually verify the transaction. Upon confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email from that your order is processed and accepted.

On the 28th of May, the Skycoin shop will close temporarily. On this date, all Kickstarter pledges and Skycoin shop orders will be added up and the reached stretch goal will be calculated. Production of the coins and stretch goal rewards will take between 20-25 days. Packaging will take 3-5 days and shipping will take between 15-20 days according to your location. All webshop orders and pledges will be produced in one batch and will be shipped accordingly. 

Updates regarding our stretch goals, production, and shipping will be communicated through our telegram channel