Back in March 2018 we came up with the idea of creating Physical skycoin Collectable Coins for the whole Skycoin community to enjoy! We reached out to the developers and they were as excited about the idea as us! Thus with their support, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to mint Physical Skycoin Collectable Coins. 


The community welcomed us with open arms and with their support we were able to reach our funding goal in just a few days. The Kickstarter campaign has since been funded successfully by 104 backers who even unlocked several stretch goals. These stretch goals allowed us to make even more Skycoin accessories such as the Luxurious Satin Coin Pouches and the Skyfleet Badges, which was once known as our "Kickstarter Mystery Gift".

Because we were not able to reach all of the Skycoin community members, we decided to launch a webshop so every Skycoin Believer can own their very own Skycoin Collectable Coin!


All coins are produced in large batches and will never be minted again. The coins are limited edition and each collection will consist of only 20 coins for the Pure Gold (99.9%) collection, 100 coins for the Pure Silver (99.9%) collection, and 2500 coins for the Gold Plated 18K collection.

Each coin will receive a unique randomly generated code that will be coupled to our database. If you would ever plan to resell or buy this coin, the unique code must be sold together with the coin.

To thank the Skycoin developers for their support, we have sent fifty 18K Gold Plated Skycoin Collectable Coins to the Skycoin Offices.